Merry Xmas everyone!

December 16, 2014

What a great first year we had! All thanks to you who believed in us and whom we worked with, for, and alongside.

Big thanks to Sanne, Xam, Petra, Jules, Jochem, Erik, Jaap, Marco, Joost, Wendy, Maike, Tristan, Josje, Koen, Rolf, Pelle, Kersti, Tayo, Bart, Afrilabs, Marleen, Liane, Niels, Suzanne, Accenture, Lode, Scott, Sacha, Netherlands eScience Centre, Martin, Nathalie, Patricia, Katie, International Trade Company, Bob, Bert, Kees, Carin, Oxfam, Arne, Maggie, Anne Marie, Marieke, Pharos, UvA and Anke!

Merry Xmas!

Big celebrating hugs from

Stef, Margreet and baby Saar

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