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January 20, 2015

When you’re young, living in the north of Holland and you have a question, truly any question, you want to go to Jimmy’s. It’s fun, because there in the office, you will find other youngsters who will help you to find answers, and tackle your challenges. And when the question is of a serious matter, Jimmy’s connects you with the right authorities.

jimmys2_1440It’s great that Jimmy’s has 3 offices in the north of Holland, because when you’re young, living in a remote village, and you have an urgent question, you want to get in touch with other youngsters. Right?

3 offices. Jimmys felt it was time to celebrate this success. Plus, before they expanded to more cities and villages, they wanted to know: How do we strengthen the relationship between the 3 offices and further connect the youth of the north?

In a 6 month co-creation with Jimmy’s youngsters we developed Jimmy’s Upgrade Event. During this 2 hour interactive and dynamic livestream, viewers and visitors could ask any question they had. Like; I need to fill in my income tax form, where do I start? Or, I need to test myself on a SOA, can I do that without having to go to a doctor?
It was a lively and energetic show, with 3 incredible and great young presenters, a skate- graffity- and culinary workshop, a q&a team, studio guests and experts, video reports and a live band. The whole show was co-designed and co-produced by the youngsters themselves. We coached them on the way and brought them together in production meetings and storytelling workshops. On the day of the livestream, youngsters from all over the north came to the studio, or watched the show online. It was a great experience and wow, how much fun it is to work with teenagers.

jimmys4_1440Jimmy’s is now expanding to the south, the west and the east. Check here to see if there is a Jimmy’s near you. If there isn’t and you want to start or have a Jimmy’s in your village or city council, do get in touch with Fanny or Marloes. They wish a Jimmy’s for all the young people in the hood, because hey man, youngsters rule!

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