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Today DE CONNECTORS is born. We have been working together for a while but now we made it official. Not that we hired an office and have our own cubical. No, we embrace “het nieuwe werken”. We combine our knowledge and experience tailor-made for the projects we start together with you.

We, and a lot of people around us are looking for personal and meaningful connections. We want to join in on relevant conversations, and participate, because together we want to create a healthy, smart and safe world. We are all excited, red cheeks and bursting with energy.

We hear that companies want to get red cheeks too. Companies play a very important role in creating a smart, healthy, safe world. It is what most of your customers want these days. In fact, your customers are eager to help and advice with developing products and services which are good for the world.
It makes sense that when you truly connect with your customers and audiences and listen to their ideas and advice, your company will flourish. And the world becomes a better place for all of us. Hurray!

How we do what we do

DE CONNECTORS produce online and offline events, that put people in the spotlight. In our co-creations, livestreaming productions and storytelling campaigns we put your audience at the centre of your organization. We ask, we listen, we laugh, we make fun. We discuss and we listen lots more. Together we create your next step forward. Then we celebrate your people. Extensively.

Online debates, interactive talkshows, awardshows, livestreaming of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing events. You name it.
Varying from basic livestreaming to studio and roadshows with cool content coming from live reporters, instart videos, studio guests and live music. The audience join in on the chat, the hangout, liveblog and twitterfountain.

How can we help you?

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